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Eternity Aid is made up of a diverse range of people with the common goal of wanting to facilitate positive change in the areas we work.

There are more than 50 regularly serving volunteers currently working with Eternity Aid across its range of programs in a range of locations.

Meet of some of our core team members below.

Lee Bromley – Program Director

Lee is the heart and soul of Eternity Aid, driving our passion and purpose.  As co-founder of the program, Lee has invested countless hours building strong relationships to ensure our programs are relevant, respectful and reflective of the real needs of the communities.

Lee is the Chaplain at Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre.  She’s a captivating storyteller and her generous spirit is what inspires people to join her on the Eternity Aid journey.

James Fitzgibbon – Board Chairman

Utilising his skills in University governance, James ensures Eternity Aid is operating effectively, responsibly and transparently.  His favourite memory has been visiting Gundabooka National Park with one of the Aboriginal Elders from Bourke who captivated him with stories of Aboriginal culture and customs.  He says spending time with locals really helps him appreciate the community in which we work. 

John Bromley – Business Administrator

John is the Bursar of a school in Sydney’s south and balances the books for Eternity Aid.  As a co-founder of the program, John has seen amazing things in his time and enjoys the feeling of giving back to causes he’s passionate about.  His favourite memory is driving the ‘Save the Children’ bus on a 12 hour road trip to Bourke in the early days of Eternity Aid.

Amy Krisenthal – Secretary

Amy is a highly accomplished High School teacher and welfare coordinator in Sydney’s west who uses the daily challenges of working with disadvantaged students to develop and lead Eternity Aid’s ‘Building a Stronger You’ (transition to High School) program.

Amy volunteers with Eternity Aid because she’s passionate about the difference our services make in young peoples’ lives.  When she arrives in Bourke, she thinks it’s special some of the children greet her by name, demonstrating the relationship they’ve built over many years.

Christine Dredge – Allied Health Coordinator

Christine has over 30 years experience as an Occupational Therapist specialising in 0-10 year olds with special needs.  She loves seeing communities work together in tough times and celebrate joy in the good.  One of her highlights of working with pre-schoolers in Bourke has been seeing a child described as an ‘elective mute’ transform to non-stop talking through simple play activities.  To help facilitate that development is the reason Christine has devoted so much time to Eternity Aid’s programs over the years.

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