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Don’t just take our word for it!  Here’s what people are saying about Eternity Aid’s work.

“It is abundantly clear that those we interviewed are very happy with the services provided by Eternity Aid in Bourke.  They generally felt the programs engaged with and were accepted by the wider community and they were linked into other services.  Everyone we spoke to felt the Eternity Aid programs made a positive contribution to the Bourke community.”

Emeritus Professor
Monash University

“I have met most of the volunteers involved with Eternity Aid and have been impressed with their genuine commitment, passion and diversity of skills.  I have every confidence that, with the appropriate support, the Eternity Aid programs in Bourke will continue to achieve dramatic social and humanitarian outcomes.”

Darling River Local Area Command

“I have watched the Eternity Aid volunteers work with Bourke High School students on multiple occasions and have been very impressed by the calibre and competency of those involved.  In most cases they are young adults who have no difficulty in making a connection with our students which is crucial in helping them to reach positive learning outcomes.”
Executive Principal
Bourke High School

“Eternity Aid has assisted by assessing children in Bourke and providing us with programs to commence therapy.  Occupational and Speech Therapists have also sat in on therapy sessions with our Therapy Facilitator.  This was extremely helpful as the therapists were able to provide the Reach Worker with support in delivering the therapy program.  They also offered advice and suggestions for session planning and future therapy.  We feel very fortunate and are grateful for the excellent service Eternity Aid provides the children, their families and the services that assist them.”

Reach Early Intervention

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