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Eternity Aid provides programs for children at key transition stages of their lives.  In addition to the transition program, our Allied Health Team offers individual counselling and support services to students with mental health issues who exhibit extreme challenging behaviours.

  1. Pre-school to Kindergarten Transition Program

Undetected special needs in early childhood can present a major challenge to children successfully transitioning to school.  Our Allied Health Team visits Pre-schools and Primary Schools, delivering services to vulnerable children and families who are unable to attend appointments in traditional health settings.  

This service model is unique as the child is reached whilst they are already at the Pre-school compared to the traditional service delivery model which requires children to attend a clinical environment during set operational hours which does not generally achieve high rates of success within Aboriginal communities.

  1. ‘Building a Stronger You’ – Primary to High School Transition Program

Children in regional areas are often faced with the prospect of moving away from their family to start High School elsewhere.  This can be a daunting concept for a pre-teenager.

Eternity Aid delivers a structured, strengths-based program focusing on developing resilience, problem solving and conflict resolution skills as well as addressing mental health issues and challenging behaviours.

Working in partnership with Primary and High Schools, the program commences in Term 3 of Year 5 and follows students until the end of Year 7.  

The program establishes a positive identity within each child so young people at risk and from troubled families are better able to protect themselves emotionally and support themselves to realise their potential and achieve better life outcomes.

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