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Filial Therapy is an intervention for Primary School-aged children who are experiencing problems with emotions and behaviour.  Through playful interactions with a trained play facilitator, children have the opportunity to strengthen relationships, build resilience and strengthen self-regulation skills. 

School-based Filial Therapy is a program that has been specifically designed to alleviate the gap in mental health service provision for children in regional and remote settings.

Therapy takes place in a special play room within the school that is specifically resourced with a range of selected toys which allow the child to express a broad range of emotions and play in different ways.  Children who’ve been identified as potentially benefiting from Filial Therapy engage in a minimum of ten sessions at school, during school hours and with a trained member of school staff who is supported with ongoing coaching by Eternity Aid’s SBFT coordinator and within a growing network of local play facilitators.

Eternity Aid’s Training Program

Eternity Aid offers training in school-based Filial Therapy for teachers, school learning support officers (SLSOs) and teacher’s aides in regional and remote areas who have a desire to learn about and implement the intervention in a Primary School setting.  

The program educates paraprofessionals in the therapeutic foundations and skills involved in facilitating ‘special play sessions’ with children who have a mild to moderate emotional and behavioural disturbance.

In acknowledgement of the large distances many participants in rural locations must travel in order to attend training, the program is delivered by a skilled professional over a period of three days.

Training typically covers:

Day 1 - foundations for understanding challenging behaviour in children

Day 2 and 3 - Filial Therapy specific training covering theoretical foundations, skill development and the process of implementing the intervention as a program in a Primary School setting.

Alternatively, Day 1 of the training is offered on its own to groups of people interested in deepening their understanding of challenging behaviour presentations in Primary School-aged children.

A new and advanced training module of school-based Filial Therapy will be available in 2020 for people who’ve already completed the three day training and have been implementing the intervention in a school-based setting for at least one year.

Contact us to discuss us providing training in your regional or remote area, training costs and availability of trainers.

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